Application services

Sometimes you need to be able to execute things in the background or periodically. To do that you have Timers, Threads and Tasks in .NET. They all require you do so some manual handling to start/restart and shutdown them when your application is started/stopped.

This library has two different alternatives which are listed below.

Both alternatives have support for inversion of control containers. You either have to install one of our IoC adapter packages from nuget or implement two interfaces for your favorite container.


This contract allows you to start background services when your application starts and stop them when the application ends.

They are treated as single instances and are also monitored by this library. i.e. if you disable them in your app.config they will be stopped at runtime.

Services that fail (unhandled exceptions) are automatically restarted by the library (if they implement one of the library base classes).

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Do you have jobs which need to be run in the background but still need short lived objects like transactions or database connections?

The background jobs are executed in an isolated container life time (scope) which means that you can use transactions etc for them without affecting the rest of your application.

public class CleanUpOldFriendRequests : IBackgroundJob
    private readonly IUnitOfWork _uow;
    private static DateTime _lastExecutionTime;

    public CleanUpOldFriendRequests(IUnitOfWork uow)
        if (uow == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("uow");

        _uow = uow;

    public void Execute()
        //run once a day
        if (_lastExecutionTime.Date >= DateTime.Today)
        _lastExecutionTime = DateTime.Today;

        using (var cmd = _uow.CreateCommand())
            cmd.CommandText = "DELETE FROM FriendRequests WHERE CreatedAtUtc < @datum";
            cmd.AddParameter("datum", DateTime.Today.AddDays(-10));

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